Lightning Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Lightning explained:

When you see lightning in a dream it symbolizes drastic change in things. If you are hit by lightning it indicates that you are going to be shaken by transformation in your life that is beyond your control.

Watching a ball of lightning fall from the sky is a highly ominous sign to see in a dream vision as it portends an invasion of an extraterrestrial nature. However, if the ball of lightning injured someone through force of impact or burns, it could represent drastic changes in the environment brought on by pollution and other man-made chemicals. Returning to the previous state and restoring the plant and wildlife which once thrived there could prove difficult, if not impossible.

The image of a lightning rod in dream visions, whether it appears attached to a building or as a standalone structure, is often a message from the subconscious warning you to take your time and be careful with the tasks you are working on. Lightning rods generally predict mistakes or blunders, so you should be on the lookout for missing information, unclear directions or grammatical errors in your correspondence.

Seeing a lightning strike in a dream vision, in general, is often thought to be the manifestation of the unexpected or improbable. This means that you may find yourself in a completely different situation than you imagined yourself even a few weeks or months ago. For example, you could suddenly meet a member of the opposite gender who seems like they will become only an acquaintance or friend in the beginning. However, this man or woman could be your soulmate or life mate once certain events occur.

Casting lightning in a dream vision as part of magical powers or some control over the elements is the manifestation of your efforts to fix problems and improve different areas in your life. Depending on the speed and accuracy of your casting, you may be very successful and efficient in moving your endeavors forward, or you may need to rely more on luck to see you through.

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