Living on a mountain Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Living on a mountain explained:

The living room symbolizes the relationship and barrier you have between your private life and your social life. The dream refers to how you carry about yourself and how you want people to perceive you. If you find items that should not be in the living, they signify your feelings of your private space being attacked by the public.

Living alone is often associated with loneliness, however as a dream symbol it is actually a positive thing. Envisioning yourself living alone means you would soon enjoy the freedom you have been craving. This sense of independence may be about living on your own and standing on your own two feet or it could be a more specific sense of independence. For instance, you could gain the opportunity to indulge in some creative independence, allowing you to implement your vision as faithfully as you want to.

Dreaming about seeing a mountain top speaks about having the best of what life has to offer. You would reach the height of your dreams out of sheer luck, by virtue of inheritance or as a result of your very own hard work. You could be in the top of your class, the boss of your company, the chairman of your civic organization, the owner of your business, or the main implementer of a project. This dream vision indicates that you actually like holding positions of power and assuming huge responsibilities.

Seeing a bare mountain in a dream is a symbol of unfounded fears and anxieties. Perhaps you had gone through a very painful experience in the past which left you deeply wounded and traumatized. Sensing that you are about to enter a similar situation, you would automatically exhibit symptoms of these unfounded worries and concerns as a defense mechanism. On the one hand, your present emotional state might help you in terms of being able to prepare for and handle the situation properly, having learned it the hard way in the past. On the other hand, this dream vision may be reminding you that you really have nothing to worry about. If your are a female reader, this dream vision warns you that the person you are currently dating may turn out to be a philanderer, and the subsequent heartbreak might change the way you would look at men in general.

Dreaming about seeing or standing on a mountain ridge is a fitting symbolic vision of a series of problems and difficulties occurring simultaneously. As the ridge is a continuous series of elevations in varying heights, the problems would also appear in your life in varying degrees of difficulty within an unbroken period of time. Such an event might lead you to believe that you could be one of the unluckiest persons alive. But if you can surmount all of these challenges and later look back wondering how on earth you were able to do it, no more mountain would be high enough to keep you from reaching its top.

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