Opening locks with sets of keys Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Opening locks with sets of keys explained:

May symbolize an open mind.

To see an opening in your dream, signifies a strong influence and powerful inspiration entering your life. You are feeling uplifted, confident and happy. To dream that you are opening something, suggests that you are unleashing your potential. It represents new opportunities, insight, and self-discovery.

Dreaming about two keys in particular, whether you are holding them or they are displayed on a table or hook, predicts that some situation you have been keeping an eye on may turn out drastically different than what you expected. You probably made a list of possible outcomes, at least subconsciously, but none of these eventualities is likely to be the actual result. However, this sign by itself does not indicate whether or not the outcome is beneficial or harmful to you.

Finding yourself without your keys, whether they are for your car or house, in a dream vision is usually indicative of involvement in less than savory actions or behavior. Becoming entangled in these morally questionable and possibly illegal endeavors is predicted to bring only disappointment, frustration, and feelings of remorse after the fact. Misplacing or losing your important keys additionally portends a romantic partner leaving you or becoming overly concerned with your whereabouts, most likely because of jealousy and suspicions of infidelity.

A dream in which you see yourself approaching a coffin and unbolting it is symbolic of great negativity in your life. These negative vibes could be in the form of disastrous situations which are ill fated as well as unfortunate and in which you might become an unwilling participant.

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Opening locks with sets of keys

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