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To dream about Poop at the end of a slide explained:

To dream the end to something indicates that you need to hurry up and act because time is of importance and you are anxious about that certain situation. If you dream the end of the world where the world blows up or the sky is coming closer and closer to the ground it is only your fear of the change that is about to come. It could also mean that you are craving a new thrill in your life, you want a new journey.

Precisely what a dead end means is what your dream is trying to tell you, you are taking a wrong direction in life and it isn’t working so you should try taking a new direction and look at your options.

may represent a calculating person .

Dreaming about human poop could symbolize a current personal dilemma. You may be upset or worried about some aspect your life, such as a person, a task or a personal belonging. Although you might be aware of the source of your concern, you could feel unable to deal with the situation. Alternatively, if the poop was yours, you may feel an urge to accumulate or produce some visible material result. If the poop was someone else's, you might come to admire or envy other people's work, wealth or possessions.

Feces seen in a dream tend to be associated with acquiring great profit or wealth unexpectedly. However, when combined with the vision of worms, it means you may be putting up a barrier that prevents you from reaching this goal. Or some existing obstacles could be taking a toll on you and causing you a lot of personal struggles keeping you far from where you want to be. If necessary, try to discuss your stronger sides and weaknesses with someone more experienced to help you move forward.

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Poop at the end of a slide

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