Rain golden in color Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Rain golden in color explained:

Falling rain is symbolic of absolution or tears. However, if you get wet in the rain it suggests a fresh start and getting rid of your troubles.

Having golden hair signifies that you have chosen a good partner in life. Your significant other is someone you can be proud of, a dignified and brave person who deserves your affection and trust.

Having a dream about a warm rain is a sign of hope for the better, it can also mean good harvest for farmers or those depending on growing their own food.

Dreaming about a weak rain is an indication of giving excuses for your actions which may have negatively affected someone's life without you realizing it.

Envisioning a shining, golden key, especially when surrounded by other, duller keys, symbolically represents the genuine interest you have in learning the truth and sharing it with others for the benefit of everyone. You likely have a passion for learning and yearn not only to acquire as much knowledge as possible, but to also disperse that knowledge to improve the lives of those around you. Golden keys can also represent successful participation in volunteer activities, social work and health care.

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  10. Yellow color - The color yellow as a dream symbol often represents envy. The more yellow you see in a dream vision, the stronger your envious feelings in reality. You could be prone to social comparison and conseque... Learn More!

Rain golden in color

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