Receiving a check from a court clerk Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Receiving a check from a court clerk explained:

Any type of dreams with a check might be a metaphor to check something that you might be overlooking. Who was around you when you had or saw the check? Remembering as much detail helps you figure out what you might need to investigate.

Why are you in court and do you feel guilty or innocent? Do you feel that you might have to stand trial with somebody you know in your life? If you are sent to prison than that means the future might be restrictive to you. Do you feel that you are being judged by yourself or other people?

may represent lobbying for a cause.

Cashing a check at a bank symbolizes bad news for you or someone close to you in the near future. Your business might suffer a financial loss, or someone you care for could become ill. Whatever the case, be prepared for the worst and remain steadfast in overcoming this setback.

The appearance of a lawyer in court foreshadows the onslaught of occurring conflicts that will culminate into a serious dispute involving the material things you share with a roommate or neighbor.

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Receiving a check from a court clerk

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