Regreting having gone through abortion Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Regreting having gone through abortion explained:

If you dream of having an abortion means that you are self destructing yourself from moving forward in life. You want the easy escape out in life. If you witness an abortion means that your “Aborting” from some plan or activity that you are running away from.

Watching a wedding go horribly wrong because of unforeseen mishaps, internal conflicts, or scandalous wedding events during the wedding is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your life that might be hard to overcome.

If you do not have any children in waking life, a dream in which you envision yourself being blessed with a son is likely a reflection of your inner search for a personal meaning or true calling in life. Perhaps, you could be harboring doubts about your current profession, weighing the possibility of pursuing a certain dream or just wondering whether you are making the most of your time. Therefore, consider this vision to be a suggestion to assess your strengths, passions, skills and aspirations to increase your chances of making a decision which would eventually be beneficial for you as a unique human being, bringing you one step closer to real happiness.

Having a set of twins symbolizes family celebrations and other joyous occasions. You may soon join or host a large festive gathering with friends and family members in commemoration of an important event, such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, reunion and the like. You would likely feel very lucky and blessed to have the chance to reconnect with those who mean the most to you, and the time spent with these relatives and long-time companions would bring much satisfaction and contentment.

Dreaming about being pregnant is often associated with meeting new people and, in particular, being introduced to someone you find attractive. The relationship that blossoms is likely to start off much better than others you have experienced in the past, giving you butterflies and filling you with joy. However, not being able to feel the baby moving after awhile might indicate things suddenly turning sour, though the cause or reason is unclear. There may be something you can do to prevent this from happening, but it is also possible you will not want to.

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