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To dream about A friend gone missing explained:

As the saying goes friends are the siblings that we choose and sometimes we are closer with them than our actual family. If you dream of being happy with your friend and having a good time then you are comfortable with your friends and enjoy their company. If you dream that you have problems with your friend then you feel that the relationship is doing badly or that you have lost touch with them. Also dreaming of friends that you do not actually have signifies your not happy with the amount of friends you have right now, you want to feel accepted by others.When you dream that your friends are pressuring you to do something then you are uncomfortable with a situation. Peer pressure is the worst thing in society, those are friends you want to keep.If you dream about a friend betraying you then are not being honest with your emotions with yourself. You need to feel more comfortable with the person and get to know them better so they can be trust worthy in your books before you let them know all your business. If you dream about a particular person then you feel you need to be a bit closer with that person or your relationship with them has become very strong. If the relationship leads to intimacy then you feel attracted to a friend.

If you happen to see a dream in which you lose or have already lost one of your legs, regardless of the circumstances leading to this event, know that this vision could be speaking that you would be deprived of half of your financial assets or other material property in the upcoming future. Most likely, this loss would happen due to some unexpected and hard-to-prevent circumstances. Moreover, if in your dream you have envisioned yourself losing both legs, be aware that this omen could be portending sudden bankruptcy, absolute impoverishment and all related hardships that may follow. The specific cause of such a scenario is impossible to predict, so it could be crucial to stay alert for any possible dangers.

Having a dream about a friend you know well indicates upcoming meeting with this person because they are in need of seeing you or want to get some kind of help or advice from you.

Dreams involving visions of walking on stairs with missing steps could symbolize forthcoming problems. Specifically, you could soon encounter complex or odd situations. These might seem to be unrelated to the preceding events. By not logically following up on the past events, you might become puzzled and confused. Alternatively, you could come across periods of uncertainty and doubt. During these moments, you would be unsure about what your next move should be.

Seeing an old friend from your past can mean a number of things depending on the situation and other symbols present in the vision. For example, old friends can symbolize past mistakes or old issues that are resurfacing if you were unhappy to see him or her in this dream or felt uncomfortable in their presence. A happy reunion, however, may represent upcoming joys and success in either your personal life or career.

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