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To dream about Missing someone explained:

If you happen to see a dream in which you lose or have already lost one of your legs, regardless of the circumstances leading to this event, know that this vision could be speaking that you would be deprived of half of your financial assets or other material property in the upcoming future. Most likely, this loss would happen due to some unexpected and hard-to-prevent circumstances. Moreover, if in your dream you have envisioned yourself losing both legs, be aware that this omen could be portending sudden bankruptcy, absolute impoverishment and all related hardships that may follow. The specific cause of such a scenario is impossible to predict, so it could be crucial to stay alert for any possible dangers.

Dreams involving visions of walking on stairs with missing steps could symbolize forthcoming problems. Specifically, you could soon encounter complex or odd situations. These might seem to be unrelated to the preceding events. By not logically following up on the past events, you might become puzzled and confused. Alternatively, you could come across periods of uncertainty and doubt. During these moments, you would be unsure about what your next move should be.

Dreaming of looking down at your hand and then noticing a missing finger is indicative of an impending personal crisis. Various factors could lead you to a path of loneliness and depression. You could be cut off from most of your friends and family, hence you would have to take care of your own needs. Unfortunately, previous experiences of rejection and failure could have negatively affected your mental state. As such, you may have difficulties standing on your own two feet. Ultimately, your lack of confidence in your abilities may hinder your personal growth.

Dreaming of reminiscing about and missing someone who is far away or is no longer around you means some type of occurrence or event is getting ready to happen to you shortly after this dream occurs.

Whether a mode of transportation, a meeting, an object, or a person, remember that the “something” or “someone” that is missing or missed may be representing something or someone else. Be sure to read the possible interpretations below for whatever is missing in your dream.

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