Someone crying Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Someone crying explained:

May represent sadness or grief.

You might be releasing some emotions that you are incapable of releasing in your walking life. These are good dreams that usually has the dreamer waking up feeling good. If you have unconscious emotions that are pent up sometimes it get released in our dreams because we are unable to do in our walking life.

A crying or fussing baby - whether seen or even just heard - is a bad omen for your life, often related to major health problems, but could also be any other sudden major tragedy.

Envisioning tears in the eyes of your wife or watching her cry in reaction to something you did or said is indicative of upcoming failures, miscommunications and challenges. This is likely to last for some time and encompass multiple areas of your life, making it feel like nothing is going your way. You may also feel disappointed or depressed as a result of these happenings.

Dreaming about seeing a crying boy is symbolic of sympathy. It is possible that you will soon show to your family or to someone with whom you have a close relationship that you stand by their side. You would provide them with much-needed support and help by showing how you love and value them and by performing extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity.

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Someone crying

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