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Seeing your own eye in your dream refers to you need to pay closer attention to things that are going on with you or look inside yourself for the strength and perseverance because you are the answer to your problems. To dream of your eyes rolling back so that your view is now of your brain it means that you have become more enlightened and knowledgeable of situations in your life. The dream is to tell you to trust yourself and know that your perceptions of things are correct. Dreaming that something wrong with your eye or something is in your eye suggests that there’s something blocking you from seeing things clearly. If you are cross eyed, you are not looking at the facts properly you seem to be mixing things up. If your eyes are in pain, bleeding or unable to open it means you are battling with hurt and emotions for a while now and you are turning a blind eye to things.To dream that you are looking into someone else’s eyes is your tendency of looking at other peoples mistakes or that you have a deep relationship with someone. Dreaming of a third eye is a powerful dream. It means you have very powerful abilities that you need to be aware of. It represents an insight into things that not many people can see or understand, if you have had visions or foretold before, it is a symbol of your psychic ability.

Dreams about eyes may be referring to your sense of sight, your perception of the world around you or your insight,

May symbolize cleansing, polishing, or refining.

Envisioning blue eyes in a dream predicts having bad luck or meeting with many roadblocks when trying to finish some project or task that is important to you. Blue eyes further suggest that the source of your troubles has its origin in your own low self-esteem. This prevents you from giving your full effort to something important because you are afraid of the results if you were truly to give it your all. Additionally, blue eyes that are deep and dark, like the color of the ocean during a storm, could portend falling in love some time in the near future.

Brown eyes in the context of a dream vision represent soon coming into contact with someone who intends to deceive or trick you. The may succeed in this endeavor either because you are too gullible and believe their tales which are too good to be true, or you may be naive and unwilling to believe that anyone would be so sinister. In either case, their trickery could spell your ruin if you are not careful. Additionally, this interpretation can also be used for other dark-colored eyes, particularly black ones.

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Rubbing your eyes

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