Several people vomiting

Several people vomiting Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize purging yourself of negative feelings, beliefs, or ideas.

Vomiting is never a nice feeling but dreaming of it could be a positive symbol. It indicates that you are trying to get rid of negative aspects in your life. However, make sure you do about doing it the right way, do not harm yourself in the process. If someone else is vomiting in your dream then you are starting to see peoples faults and manipulative ways.

Dreaming about seeing several pigs together usually is a warning. It is possible that you could be about to gain an undesired infamous reputation. This fame would be the result of your own actions. That is, you could be about to adopt a wrong or inappropriate attitude or conduct, one which would cost you other people’s respect.

Dreaming about seeing several girls together often foretells material growth. In particular, you could be about to receive some economic reward, see your projects turn out to be more profitable than expected or come across some unexpected wealth. Either way, it is possible that, after some unexpected occurrence, you would end up experiencing a financial and material boost.

A dream in which you observe or interact with a herd of several deer is usually interpreted as a positive sign foretelling that you would start building up trust, acknowledgment and respect of the people who could prove to be exceptionally beneficial for the successful achievement of your own goals and aspirations in the upcoming future. Most likely, these changes in their attitude towards you would be the result of your victories, personal traits in general or even just your passion about something these people deem important. As an alternative, a dream in which you witness a herd of deer could be the harbinger of approaching conflicts and uneasy situations related to your spouse or lover as a result of unconfirmed rumors and gossips.

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