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When we see blood in our dream it symbolizes many things like lust, anger and failed ventures. Depending the type of dream, blood can mean different things to every dreamer. If you are bleeding this donates that you are ready to fight a tough battle ahead of you. If you are overworked in your walking life this would been that you are being drained mentally and physically. If blood is on your hands it represents that you are guilty of your past actions. If you notice that someone else is covered in blood signifies that somebody close to you is giving all they have for you. Sometimes we see words in our dream that is written in blood. You must pay close attention to the message that it’s written in.

May symbolize purging yourself of negative feelings, beliefs, or ideas.

Vomiting is never a nice feeling but dreaming of it could be a positive symbol. It indicates that you are trying to get rid of negative aspects in your life. However, make sure you do about doing it the right way, do not harm yourself in the process. If someone else is vomiting in your dream then you are starting to see peoples faults and manipulative ways.

Dreaming about seeing and sensing cold blood represents the weak unity found within your current relationship with someone, and it could mean an eventual breakup from this person or a temporary separation.

Dreaming of a pig being slaughtered is typically a positive sign, especially if it is to be eaten at a feast or a dinner. It may symbolize profitable ventures or successful business transactions. Specifically, the beheading of a pig can mean overcoming greed and hedonism. You may become more disciplined and responsible when it comes to your finances. The pig's blood may also represent a certain sacrifice. Perhaps in order to achieve stability in your life, you need to give up a few luxuries or rein in your spending habits.

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Vomiting blood

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