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Train dreams are very important to the dreamer that shouldn’t be overlooked whenever we get them. Trains get you from one stop to another, or maybe one stage of your life to another. This can be anything from business or mental advancement in your life. Some say train was linked to the male sex organ as the tunnel would suggest the women. If you are on the train, trying to get on, observing or missing it can change the meaning entirely. Dream analyst Sigmund Freud suggested that a train might be an ending as he was petrified of them. What is in the next stop will act as a metaphor for you to decode. Did you get off on the next stop? In that case you might be ready for the next stop in your life which can be a very positive sign. Was the train derailed? That might mean that you might be heading off track in your life. What was the mood like in your dream and where were you going? It also might be a sexual connotation to it as well, a train going through a tunnel.

Usually we can see when there is smoke. It could be a warning that something might be on fire. This could be areas that you might be exploring in your unconscious mind that you could be getting close to the source of energy.

Dreams involving acrid smoke, whether it is the main focus of the dream or a sub-plot, are usually associated with ecological disaster and other ruinous effects on the local environment. In addition to predicting natural disasters, acrid smoke in a dream also portends declining health, either suddenly or over a short period of time. If you see yourself breathing in this air or are forced by someone else to do so, it could be a sign that your children are about to become disobedient or that they have a lack of respect for authority figures. This could cause some embarrassment or disappointment for you, especially if someone else has to bring it to your attention.

Having a dream about being inside a cloud of dense, choking smoke, especially if you have difficulty breathing or if your eyes water profusely, usually portends volcanic activity nearby. You may witness the eruption of a volcano or experience aftereffects, such as ash in the air or earthquakes. The terrible catastrophe could directly and negatively impact your family and livelihood as well as the neighboring area.

Dreams concerning thick, black smoke is often an indicator of smoking in wake life. This means that either you smoke a lot or that you are near someone who does, meaning that you are a victim of secondhand smoke. If you are a smoker, this vision suggests you should try to quit, either by using nicotine patches or some other available form of treatment. For those who do not smoke, this vision may be a warning to take further measures in protecting yourself from the dangers of accidental inhalation.

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