Someone doing aerobics Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Someone doing aerobics explained:

Seeing yourself doing aerobics refers to rivals or competitors entering your life. But these rivals are more resourceful and crafty than you are, so you should be more mindful on what steps you need to take in order to outsmart them.

Dreaming about your friend doing well and living a healthy and joyful life indicates a possibility of your ties with this person growing even stronger and building on this mutual relationship to the benefit of both of you.

Doing aerobics without music tells you of undesirable exposure. You will be placed in an unfortunate situation because you will be exposed in an unflattering way.

Seeing someone doing aerobics is a symbol of victory. You will win over your competitors or rivals at work or elsewhere, but your triumph may only be short-lived because they may eventually outdo you or you may tend to be complacent with your success and sit on your laurels.

May suggest the dream is asking, What are you doing?

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