Someone you know as a street market vend

Someone you know as a street market vend Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize intuition.

When we dream of a market suggest that you are lacking the basic needs in life. If you are lacking love and support we usually dream of being in a market.

Walking along on the streets could imply our current life’s path. Take note of what is around you and write down all the symbols because it may have hidden gems that might help you out.

Dreaming about visiting or trading at a food market is a warning to pay closer attention to your health in order to avoid growing issues down the road. You should really watch your diet, if you remember the kinds of food sold at the market, try excluding them from your daily intake.

May suggest all the contents of your subconscious (often symbolized by water) that you have captured in order to pick and choose to your liking and/or to your emotional nourishment.

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