Sound of rain drops on the roof Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Sound of rain drops on the roof explained:

Seeing a roof in your dream represents that you have a mind block up between your unconscious and conscious. You do not want your waking state to be mixed with your dreaming state. You should let your dreams express your feelings, do not be afraid of your unsconscious. If you are on top of a roof it means you are going to be victorious. However, if you fall off then you are not guaranteed to achieve your goals if you do not find proper grounding. If you are fixing your roof it means you are preparing yourself to do better. If the roof is falling apart it signifies your high ambitions are not accessible. You are dreaming and thinking of things that you cannot attain. If there is a leaking roof in your dream it indicates that you are experiences things you would rather not have in your life. You are able to receive information from someone who is leaking out what they are not supposed to.

Falling rain is symbolic of absolution or tears. However, if you get wet in the rain it suggests a fresh start and getting rid of your troubles.

Seeing water drops in your dream indicates that you will be involved with a big financial transaction. It can either be for your own gain or for a deal that you will become responsible for executing at your workplace.

Having a dream about a warm rain is a sign of hope for the better, it can also mean good harvest for farmers or those depending on growing their own food.

Dreaming about a weak rain is an indication of giving excuses for your actions which may have negatively affected someone's life without you realizing it.

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Sound of rain drops on the roof

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