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To dream about Sound of shots explained:

Dreaming of shots being fired, from a nearby shootout or a gun firing range, means you may become responsible for causing conflict in your household or within your family. Perhaps it is your hard-headed or stubborn attitude which would make matters worse. Your unwillingness to compromise or selfishness could also create this division between you and the rest of the family. This familial problem may also extend to your work life as you become distracted because of your anger and frustrations.

Hearing pleasant but nostalgic sound of harps in your dream is a foretelling of a plan that will not go the way you want to. A venture or project that you are undertaking at the moment is doomed to fail or will not be as beneficial to you as you had hoped. Now is the perfect time to do something about it and avert any possible major damage.

Dreaming about hearing gunshots could symbolize death. It is possible that someone distantly related to you or to someone close to you might pass away. Alternatively, you could escape some dangerous situation, only becoming aware of the menace from a distance. Finally, the dream could also translate the possibility of being the victim of other people’s offenses and accusations. However, their hostility would not last long.

The sound of the wind, like a hum, a whisper or a howling sound for much stronger gusts or air, refers to learning about or receiving fake news, false information or propaganda. This could be something more political or related to the government which is meant to mislead citizens, including you, so authorities would be able to advance their cause. Or it could be on a much smaller scale, like your workplace, in which certain bosses or superiors may try to confuse you or manipulate you into getting what they want.

Hearing sounds of someone getting shot in your dream, likely a person getting assassinated or killed during a robbery incident, suggests receiving surprising or shocking news in reality. This information would not just affect yourself, but also your loved ones. Maybe there is an unexpected tragedy falling upon your relatives or it is also possible that someone gets pregnant out of wedlock. Alternatively, this dream symbol has also been associated with whirlwind romance. You could meet someone new and fall in love almost instantaneously.

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