Steps Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Steps explained:

Are you going up or down? Could this be going up in your life or down? If you are going down steps it also donate going deeper in your unconscious mind especially if your going to the basement.

A dream in which you witness a baby attempting to walk or take first steps is a positive sign symbolizing your independence. This sign represents that you can rely on your own abilities and skills when attempting to accomplish your goals. If you peceive this sign, you may want to try to be more autonomous and utilize your own skills more instead of asking others for help.

Dreaming about walking slowly up some stairs could translate a slow progression. That is, you might be carefully, safely and steadily moving forward towards your objectives. Such slow and attentive progression would have a benefit. Namely, you would be able to monitor, control and prevent the negative effects of any displeasing, adverse or damaging situation encountered.

Seeing yourself in a high place, like the top of a hill or a high staircase, is a positive sign connected to the work you do or activities you join in real life. It indicates a kind, thoughtful disposition and a natural gift for helping those in trouble or need, such as members of your family, friends, acquaintances, or people you work with. Being able to descend the stairs even though some were damaged and broken symbolizes a blindness to social class, wealth, or other superficial factors, representing your sympathy and empathy towards anyone who needs your assistance whether they can return the favor or not.

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