Stork standing on its leg Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Stork standing on its leg explained:

Stroking a black stork in your dreams and running your fingers through its feathers is an omen that you might soon find yourself being involved in situations where hurtful or unfavorable things seem to just happen.

A dream in which your own leg is switched for a wooden limb, regardless of its complexity and quality, could foretell an upcoming situation in which your family and friends would start harboring doubts about the nobility of your intentions and your honesty in general. Most likely, this deteriorated attitude of the people you hold dear would be the result of your recent deeds and behavior, but not necessarily. Alternatively, a similar dream could be a predictor of approaching treachery and deceit coming from someone who would simulate acting for your good while, in reality, would just be fulfilling their personal ambitions.

If you happen to see a dream in which you lose or have already lost one of your legs, regardless of the circumstances leading to this event, know that this vision could be speaking that you would be deprived of half of your financial assets or other material property in the upcoming future. Most likely, this loss would happen due to some unexpected and hard-to-prevent circumstances. Moreover, if in your dream you have envisioned yourself losing both legs, be aware that this omen could be portending sudden bankruptcy, absolute impoverishment and all related hardships that may follow. The specific cause of such a scenario is impossible to predict, so it could be crucial to stay alert for any possible dangers.

Your feet support your physical walk and posture in waking life, just as your friends are the support of your soul and spirit. That said, a dream in which you envision yourself breaking a leg may portend an upcoming situation that would lead to yourself losing a close friend. For example, this breakup could be the result of an unexpected disagreement, a relocation or even a drastic change in general attitude or lifestyle preferences. Additionally, such a dream could be foretelling significant difficulties and hardships related to your work or personal business. These issues would not be necessarily financial by their nature.

Seeing a flying stork is just a sign that you will be very preoccupied with the formalities of planning for an exciting engagement because it will represent a very important transition in your life that is being shared with your lover.

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