Told of being ugly by a deceased cousin

Told of being ugly by a deceased cousin Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize having insecurities relating to self image.

Dreaming that you or someone is ugly signifies characteristics or parts of yourself that you feel turned off by. This could stem from others resenting you.

Giving birth to an ugly baby in a dream suggests undesirable and unwarranted events about to transpire in the waking world. You may need to be systematic and organized in the way that you tackle and resolve this problematic affair. Keeping your head clear would help a great deal in swiftly dealing with this issue.

Your toes, being a part of your feet and legs, represent the direction you are headed, both personally and professionally. As such, this vision alludes to upcoming leisure travels or going away for business. Meanwhile, the state of your toenail in the dream reflects your low levels of motivation and self-confidence. Perhaps you are not feeling too good about yourself and lately your drive to succeed may have been eroding. This could be due to recent disappointments or failures which is making you question your capabilities. In that case, maybe this vision serves to highlight your current confusion and uncertainty about your future.

Seeing a deceased husband in your dreams who is also deceased in real life means your behavior in social gatherings or situations while interacting with other people needs to be reexamined and improved.

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