Trying to resist Satan

Trying to resist Satan Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Satan was a fallen angel from the heavens and when we experience dreams of the devil you should be aware of what bad is influencing you in your life. Satan is able to seduce its victims buy using there weakness as a tool. Take time to assess you life and the bad in it.

Running away from Satan and his minions represents much the same in wake life, namely that you are trying to avoid the negative influence of someone above you. This individual may seem to make benign requests or suggestions, but you can tell (at least subconsciously) that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Successfully leaving through the gates and being unafraid suggests you can escape and move on with your life and, additionally, are likely to prosper because of your ability to follow the truth in your heart.

Seeing Satan in your dream, in a more general sense, signifies embarrassing situations in your near future. Satan symbolizes mischief and temptations which means you could be tempted to take part in questionable, possibly fraudulent, activities. These unwise moves would end up putting you in a compromising position, bringing shame and disgrace into your good name. Furthermore, this brief stint would likely have long-term consequences. Alternatively, the image of Satan may be associated with a death in the family. This vision could be warning you about the passing of someone near and dear to your heart.

Resisting Satan in your dream reflects your real-world struggles against negative forces and influences. There could be a powerful figure in your social circle who often gets you into trouble. This individual could be an enabler whom you are trying to block out, opting to listen to your level-headed voice of reason. You need to stand your ground and weed out bad influences as succumbing to them could lead to self-destruction.

Successfully evading or resisting a robbery in your dream likely reveals your ability to dodge conflict, negative situations and threats in real life. Perhaps your gut instinct and sensitivity allows you to read the tone of a situation so that you can avoid awkward encounters and possible conflicts. This could also be a reflection of your immaturity and inability to face your problems. Maybe you cannot take care of yourself and you have to depend on others to resolve your problems or clean up your mess.

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