Victim Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Victim explained:

Being a victim in your dream refers to your feelings that people are taking advantage of you. You feel like you have no control Such dreams suggest that you are feeling powerless and helpless in a waking situation. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are unwilling to take responsibility for your choices.

May symbolize feeling taken advantage of in some waking life situation.

Dreaming about becoming a victim of abuse could mean that you are having some issues related to your current situation, whether in the personal or professional sphere, and you are beginning to feel trapped and hopeless. In the dream, it seems as if you were planning an escape while being in the role of the abused girl and imagining what it would be like to be free, which could also indicate that the problems you are having are affecting others around you and so you want to find some way to set them free as well. You also seem to think the root of the problem has not been addressed yet, as symbolized by living with the alleged rapist.

To dream that you are being a victim of torture, for example when you see yourself being held captive by mysterious people and you are already black and blue from their continuous torture tactics, may pertain to the kindness and generosity of someone in your life who would provide or bestow upon you. This figure would play a major role in your foreseeable future because of their unconditional generous actions or help in your undertakings. Pay close attention to who this person could be and always extend the same kindness to whoever needs it.

A dream wherein you are a victim of bombing, such as being attacked in a war zone or being near the bomb in a crowded area when it detonates, surprisingly has a positive dream meaning when it comes to your current problems. So if you are struggling to find a way out of a tight situation or you are experiencing a seemingly endless string of bad luck, then this is a very welcome sign for you. Specifically, there would be positive developments in your project or situation. If you are grappling with an issue, then your suffering would finally end soon enough.

A dream in which you find yourself being a victim of a tsunami or affected by the destruction caused by this natural disaster signifies that you could be greatly distressed or disturbed by some social issues and tribulations in your community. As a result, you might become a target of unfair treatment and prejudice.

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