Waves Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent the state of your emotions.

This could be a symbol of emotional disturbances that you may be or will be experiencing in the near future. Water represents our emotions and if that is the case then you might be in for a rocky ride.

A dream in which you can see the river surge or ripples on the surface is an indication that you might experience recurrent and frequent mood swings. It would be because of this perplexing state of mind that your outlook and stance towards things or life in general would go through a drastic change.

Watching waves as they bob up and down on the water represents some challenges that are affecting your current tasks or plans. In a sense, this vision is the manifestation of the ups and downs you are going through in reality as you meet obstacles and slowly but surely overcome them. The bigger the waves in this vision, the more difficult it would be to overcome whatever stands in your path. You would have to exert much time and effort to push forward and make your dreams a reality under these especially difficult circumstances.

Honey is a symbol with two distinct connotations, and both seem to be present in this vision. The first meaning is that it is a reflection of your personality and general mental state, namely that you are a positive, sweet and kind individual. This is also supported by the sensation of flight felt a bit later in the vision. The second meaning behind the symbol of honey is that it predicts an increase in wealth and prosperity, particularly in regards to work or business matters. You may soon find yourself in a better position financially and probably wish to share that with the ones who matter most to you. However, this is where the first interpretation of honey comes back into play. While you may desire to share your newfound wealth with your relatives, your naturally generous nature may allow others to walk all over you. Be careful to share only what you intend to give and do not be bullied by more assertive, selfish members of your inner circle.

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  1. Strong sea waves - Seeing strong sea waves in your dream is a bad sign of being exposed to losses and sadness caused by negative circumstances or experiences while living through some perilous times.... Learn More!
  2. Waves in general - Waves, as a general dream symbol, predict suddenly having to travel or go somewhere unexpectedly. This would likely happen on short notice, without any warning or indication beforehand. Such a sudden ... Learn More!
  3. Roaring sea waves - Hearing muffled roar of sea waves coming ashore in your dream is an indication of peaceful state of mind you have, but in the form of apathy and disinterest. It may be so that the most cherished dream... Learn More!
  4. Wind making waves - Wind that is making waves, or creating disturbance like ripples on lakes that turn into waves crashing to the shore, means you may soon reconnect with friends or family members whom you have lost touc... Learn More!
  5. Sea waves near shore - Finding yourself on the beach or sea shore with waves rolling over your feet in your dream is a symbol of peaceful and ordered existence. At the same time, in order to succeed in your life, you will n... Learn More!
  6. Waves of clear water - Specifically envisioning waves on crystal clear water is thought to be the manifestation of your growth in the ethical or philosophical sense. It represents your expanding knowledge about different as... Learn More!
  7. Waves on the river - Waves that are seen in relation to a flowing river are thought to symbolically represent the outflowing of some money in reality. You may have to pay for something unexpected in reality, such as a car... Learn More!
  8. Sea waves bearing foam - Seeing foamy sea waves delivered to the shore in your dream is a bad sign of unfortunate events or some major disaster you are about to experience after having this dream.... Learn More!
  9. Swimming in warm waves - Swimming in warm gentle waves is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream realm. It represents going through a period of time marked by stability and general peace. This means you are unlik... Learn More!
  10. Waves on water surface - Witnessing waves on water surface indicates major changes that are about to come your way. You will be able to handle these changes positively by using your strengths to your advantage while balancing... Learn More!

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