Stealing gemstones

Stealing gemstones Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about stealing gold from someone or somewhere often is a negatively charged symbol. It could represent the present or future loss of respect, esteem ad admiration of those who know you.

Dreaming about buying gemstones, such as in the form of jewelry items or a tiara, is a positive symbol associated with great success. Most often this success is realized through your current plans, future ambitions, financial goals or work projects. Quite possibly, dreaming about purchasing gemstones can also indicate favorable outcomes in more personal matters, for example, in regards to a romantic partner or someone you are interested in pursuing a relationship with or trying to impress.

If you dream that you are in the process of stealing or snatching a bag from someone's hands, it portends a possible act of indiscretion on your part. You might make an unwise decision that could cost you dearly, such as losing considerable amounts of money, assets or property. This is a strong reminder that you need to exercise prudence where prudence is called for.

Dreaming of stealing money is a warning against imminent danger lurking ahead. Try to be more careful and be more mindful of how you behave.

Stealing a book from someone in a dream vision conveys a mixed message, though it is generally a positive symbol. Your possession of the book itself means you may receive groundbreaking news, make an important discovery or become a founder of a new movement or ideology. However, the process of achieving that spark of inspiration may not be wholly ethical or purely your own idea. Either you would build on the work of another individual or you may attempt to pass it off as your own.

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