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Meaning of a Watch in a dream

A gold watch, unlike the immediate impression of high value, actually conveys a negative message. It portends the likelihood that you would get robbed, burglarized or lose something valuable in reality. Unfortunately, in this particular situation, there is no one else to blame but yourself. This time, your gullible nature, careless decision-making or inadequate self-defense skills could put you in a vulnerable position.

A wrist watch in dreams is often an urgent reminder that time is running out for important decisions. It can also mean that a significant event is drawing near. If you are wearing the wrist watch, then you may be anxious about a long-anticipated happening. Perhaps you have been preparing for a presentation to close a deal at work or a project is about to reach completion. Overall, this is a positive symbol. Despite the urgency, it means your subconscious is aware of your priorities and the matters that need your immediate attention.

A pocket watch in dreams is a symbol of healing and resolution. Whether the pocket watch was given to you or you saw one in a dream vision, it suggests finally tying loose ends with your family or at the workplace. For example, if you have been estranged from family members or relatives for a while now, expect opportunities to talk things out and resolve your ongoing issues. There may be compromises, but at least you would start being civil to each other again.

Dreaming about stealing gold from someone or somewhere often is a negatively charged symbol. It could represent the present or future loss of respect, esteem ad admiration of those who know you.

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Stealing a watch

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