Piles of gemstones

Piles of gemstones Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

For female readers, dreaming about seeing piles of meat is a symbol of satisfactory sexual relations. They would finally meet their match in a person who could give them what they want both emotionally and sexually, and their union would produce mutual feelings of love and sexual gratification. For male readers, this dream vision signifies a period of gloom. They could experience emotional pain and sadness, possibly as a result of a recent divorce or separation.

Seeing piles of money in your dream or counting them tells of a very convenient life that you will have in the future. You will have the privilege of enjoying the luxuries in life and lead a very relaxed lifestyle.

Seeing piles of clothes in your dream, specifically strewn on the floor or on the ground, signifies losing time for yourself. You are too focused on the daily grind of routines and chores that you do not make time for yourself anymore. If you experience this vision, take heed. Maybe it is time that you enjoy life more.

Dreaming about buying gemstones, such as in the form of jewelry items or a tiara, is a positive symbol associated with great success. Most often this success is realized through your current plans, future ambitions, financial goals or work projects. Quite possibly, dreaming about purchasing gemstones can also indicate favorable outcomes in more personal matters, for example, in regards to a romantic partner or someone you are interested in pursuing a relationship with or trying to impress.

Dreaming about walking around or being surrounded by piles of sparkling gemstones is a positive sign predicting wealth. Overflowing mounds of rubies, sapphires or diamonds in a dream vision indicate growing wealth, accumulation of material possessions and the prestige and higher social status linked with it. However, dreams of this nature are also associated with more intangible benefits like respect and admiration for projects or charities you could be presently involved in or support.

Top Most Related Dreams to Piles of gemstones

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  2. Wearing gemstones - Envisioning yourself wearing gemstones in the form of jewelry predicts a rise in position. This dream vision could indicate receiving a promotion or earning company-wide recognition for a project you ... Learn More!
  3. Piles of felled trees - Seeing piles of felled trees in front of you or when you try to climb over mountains of felled trees is an indication of gaining confidence and being able to achieve goals or targets you have set for ... Learn More!
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  5. Mud piles on the street - Envisioning lots of mud around your house or in the neighborhood where you live predicts one of your deepest, darkest secrets, one that you have tried to keep hidden for years perhaps, is about to be ... Learn More!
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  7. Inheriting gemstones - Seeing yourself receive gemstones in a dream, either as part of an inheritance or the wishes stated in someone's final will and testament, predicts a sudden increase in your wealth or the value of you... Learn More!
  8. An array of gemstones - Dreaming about an array of gemstones, such as in a display case, is a positive omen associated with being protected or watched over by someone. Clusters of jewels or an impressive range of glittering ... Learn More!
  9. Looking at gemstones - Envisioning yourself looking at gemstones, such as on display in a department store or admiring a tiara in a museum, is a positive symbol associated with gaining valuable possessions. This could be a ... Learn More!
  10. Someone wearing gemstones - Dreams about watching or seeing someone wearing gemstones, either as adornment or woven into their clothing, predict that you or someone close to you will become famous in the near future. This type o... Learn More!

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