An array of gemstones

An array of gemstones Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about buying gemstones, such as in the form of jewelry items or a tiara, is a positive symbol associated with great success. Most often this success is realized through your current plans, future ambitions, financial goals or work projects. Quite possibly, dreaming about purchasing gemstones can also indicate favorable outcomes in more personal matters, for example, in regards to a romantic partner or someone you are interested in pursuing a relationship with or trying to impress.

Dreaming about an array of gemstones, such as in a display case, is a positive omen associated with being protected or watched over by someone. Clusters of jewels or an impressive range of glittering stones predict that events in your life or tasks you are currently involved in are being overseen by someone acting as a guardian angel. This person is likely well-respected and influential, and because of their support, you are likely to experience little difficulty in pursuing and accomplishing what you set out to do.

Dreaming about selling gemstones you once owned is a positive sign to have as a dream vision. Receiving money in exchange for the valuable jewels you were in possession of before symbolizes alleviation of financial stress and the possibility of having extra money in the near future. With your newfound wealth you are likely to become rich enough to afford material possessions that were previously out of reach.

Envisioning yourself wearing gemstones in the form of jewelry predicts a rise in position. This dream vision could indicate receiving a promotion or earning company-wide recognition for a project you worked on, or it could be related to something within your community, such as an elevation in social standing or gaining the admiration of those around you. Wearing gemstones in a dream may also represent the achievement of your goals or the fulfillment of your dreams.

Dreaming about walking around or being surrounded by piles of sparkling gemstones is a positive sign predicting wealth. Overflowing mounds of rubies, sapphires or diamonds in a dream vision indicate growing wealth, accumulation of material possessions and the prestige and higher social status linked with it. However, dreams of this nature are also associated with more intangible benefits like respect and admiration for projects or charities you could be presently involved in or support.

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