Low quality gemstones Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Low quality gemstones explained:

A military aircraft on a low level flight or a low flying plane that is gliding over glassy water or a few hundred feet above your head, means there are risks and dangerous circumstances in your path which may be difficult to dodge or avoid altogether. You could be partly responsible for the threats that would inevitably find their way to you. Alternatively, if you are engaged to be married, there could be unavoidable issues that would either delay your wedding or prevent it from taking place.

Dreaming about buying gemstones, such as in the form of jewelry items or a tiara, is a positive symbol associated with great success. Most often this success is realized through your current plans, future ambitions, financial goals or work projects. Quite possibly, dreaming about purchasing gemstones can also indicate favorable outcomes in more personal matters, for example, in regards to a romantic partner or someone you are interested in pursuing a relationship with or trying to impress.

Dreams about seeing or touching low-quality, inferior or substandard gemstones are a negative sign predicting having to face adversaries. Envisioning yourself interacting with jewels of questionable quality denotes rivals coming out of the woodworks to interfere with the aspects of your life important to you. This enemy may or may not have been someone you have had run-ins with in the past, and they plan to disable you when you want to advance your goals and move forward. Therefore, this dream also warns to follow your plans and act carefully to avoid being thwarted.

Dreaming about selling gemstones you once owned is a positive sign to have as a dream vision. Receiving money in exchange for the valuable jewels you were in possession of before symbolizes alleviation of financial stress and the possibility of having extra money in the near future. With your newfound wealth you are likely to become rich enough to afford material possessions that were previously out of reach.

Envisioning yourself wearing gemstones in the form of jewelry predicts a rise in position. This dream vision could indicate receiving a promotion or earning company-wide recognition for a project you worked on, or it could be related to something within your community, such as an elevation in social standing or gaining the admiration of those around you. Wearing gemstones in a dream may also represent the achievement of your goals or the fulfillment of your dreams.

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