White ink Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about White ink explained:

May symbolize creativity.

Dreaming of ink is symbolic of visions that you have. You could want to get a tattoo or want to work on your ambitions. If the ink spills then you feel something has caused a stain and you need to clean up the mess or else you cannot advance.

A dream in which you observe red ink in any form speaks of jealousy on your part, usually baseless and not backed up by reliable facts. This feeling you may experience towards your partner in love could often result in conflicts, misunderstandings and disagreements between you two, and although your suspicions are most likely unfounded and related to circumstances that do not exist in real life, the hurt and unease that they bring to your lover are just as real as they could possibly be.

May represent cleanliness.

Dreaming of dried ink, such that when you see that the ink container without the lid on you left beside the window has dried up after being exposed to the air and sun, could be an indication of being able to successfully overcome blame thrown at you for no reason at all. It may also mean being held accountable for acts or errors you have not committed in reality. In cases such as these, you should be able to stand up for yourself to avoid being the scapegoat for the mistakes done by others. The truth shall always set you free.

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