Witnessing a flood

Witnessing a flood Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

When your house is submerged by water, it means that feelings about your home and family have been very powerful. You feel like the responsibilities keep piling up and you are not getting anywhere. When you feel you need to save someone else from the flood then your responsibility as a caretaker is overwhelming. If materialistic things get destroyed in the flood then your subconscious is trying to tell you to let go of those things, there are more important things in life that money cannot buy! If everything around you like your street or school floods then you feel overwhelmed with things in your life and you just want everything to end so you could make a new beginning. If you find yourself fighting with the water and feeling like you are going under, stop being so stubborn and proud, you need help with your problems!

Dreaming of seeing a massive flood in the spring is a sign of good luck. It means you will have favorable changes in the overall improvement of your life which will also cause you to obtain significant achievements in business and other more personal affairs.

Dreaming of seeing a very strong and powerful flood devastating your house is a sign that the unity and solidarity of your family will be tested by some major events or situations that you and your family will have to face.

A dream in which you see yourself glimpsing a rape must be considered a forewarning. It signifies that a close acquaintance might be incarcerated, wounded or burglarized. This person might need your assistance and encouragement.

Dreaming of seeing yourself being swept by a flood and floating along in the water with debris is a sign of looming illness. It can also mean your business activities and progress are getting ready to come to a standstill.

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