Worms in general

Worms in general Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent an authority figure.

If you find yourself dreaming about eating worms, whether purposefully or without knowing it, it is a positive sign. You will find yourself being victorious in whatever you are trying to accomplish in life, whether it is a milestone or just something on your bucket list, you will gain reverence and praise from those near and around.

Envisioning or observing bugs that appear to be in the form of worms is a promising symbol most often associated with success in business and financial security matters. Specifically, this vision suggests that you are about to change jobs or start a new career path which may lead to great gains in your wealth and overall well-being. This newfound prosperity is also likely to improve your mood, general outlook on life and attitude toward others.

If you were to find yourself dreaming about watching worms in soil, this is a favorable sign of good harvest or the increase in the number of livestock for farmers or anyone who works in the field. If you saw worms in large quantaties in your dream, it may signify a greater abundance, for instance in a garden or a bountiful harvest during the upcoming season.

Seeing worms in your food while in a dream is not something to take lightly. This could mean that someone at your job is jealous of the position you have within the company and will stop at nothing to make sure they surpass you. It may involve them questioning your work and hoping that you will fall into a spell of contemplating your personal integrity and everything you have accomplished to make it this far.

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