Younger relatives in a fight Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Younger relatives in a fight explained:

May represent an inner struggle, conflict or battle.

Witnessing a cat fight in your dreams is a sign that you may soon become a victim of burglary in your house, or you will have someone trespassing on your property that may lead to losing some of your valuable possessions.

Dreams revolving around your younger sister, especially ones in which you are specifically interacting with her, are often interpreted as a sign that your concerns for her future and safety are well-founded. This means you probably have a good reason to be overprotective of her or wary of the friends she hangs around with. Additionally, this vision can point toward having concerns about her future success and well-being.

An army in fight shows that you will be involved in a controversy by being the whistle-blower of a scandal or a fight, and you will reveal some details about it making others upset. This will lead to unexpected consequences that you would not want to happen, and you might be placed in a precarious position for uncovering such sensitive matters.

Witnessing a fierce fight, such as between two exemplary fighters or yourself locked in a ferocious battle with someone you know in reality, reveals your intimacy issues which is rooted in your insecurities. You may be constantly worried that you are not capable of pleasing your partner sexually, so this keeps you from pursuing people you are interested in. There may be a deeper issue causing your poor self-esteem and you may have to resolve this so you can begin to make real connections with potential partners.

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Younger relatives in a fight

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