autumn Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about autumn explained:

May symbolize the transition between the end of one thing and beginning of another.

To dream of finding yourself in a forest during autumn season reflects your current emotional state. The multi-colored foliage and leaves falling to the ground alludes to your hidden feelings for someone as well as a sense of futility and helplessness for not being able to pursue a relationship with a friend or acquaintance. Alternatively, the autumnal forest may be a representation of a perplexing change in the attitude and behavior of someone you know. Perhaps this individual has been acting strange and treating you differently.

Envisioning a garden during the autumn season with yellow and orange leaves on tree branches could reflect the ending phase of a certain period in your life, such as childhood, adolescence or middle ages. It could also symbolize the ending of a relationship or affair, whether you want it to or not.

Seeing the yellow, gold, red and brown leaves of an orchard in the autumn season could be the manifestation of your reality. You may be about to end a certain period of time in your life, either a period of growth like childhood or middle age, a course you were taking or a dedication of time and effort like a profession or hobby. In some cases, this same image is associated with the end of long-term relationships or loves, although whether or not this is because you want to be free or because your partner is moving on without you is unclear.

Seeing an autumn acacia tree losing its leaves is a promise that you will finally get a chance to reunite with a person whom you like and have a great respect for.


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