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To dream about back explained:

May represent something behind you, in the past.

Dreaming of your back can mean more than one thing. If something hanging off your back means your carrying a load that you cant seem to handle. Your answer is right on your back. If your back is injured it means that somebody you know is out to get you. To dream of a naked back represents holding back information from your friends or family. If somebody in your dream turns their back to you it suggests that you should be careful of deceitful people in your life. Envy might be lurking around the corner. If you have a bad dream about your back it might have to do with loaning money. You might want to be careful in who you give money too.

Seeing yourself walking or driving on a back road in your dream means you will soon experience some significant changes or developments that will strongly impact the path your life is taking you on.

May symbolize the burdens you feel you are carrying.

Dreaming about traffic backed up on a bridge, such as when cars are lined up waiting to cross, is often indicative of an upcoming funeral or wake, mostly likely for a close friend or relative. This vision, beyond representing physical death, can reflect the death of innocence or the realization of the fleeting nature of human life. Your sudden understanding could lead to mild depression or a disinclination to connect with others on a deeper level for awhile.

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