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To dream about chasing explained:

Being chased and running are among the most common dreams reported and are probably remembered often because we are anxious and afraid when we wake. Many times we cannot even identify what we is chasing us or what we are running from or to.

Dreaming that you are chasing a cow could symbolize some looming danger or threat. You would only be able to prevent or avoid it by exercising some degree of caution. You would need to approach every new situations or developments with careful analysis and assessment. Alternatively, you might be trying too hard to make something happen. In both cases, you would be better off by thinking before you act on it.

Dreaming of yourself being pursued by a demonic entity or even a group of demons, regardless of the outcome of this chase, could be a vision reflecting your inner disquiet and concerns related to a certain endeavor or project that you deem wrongful or illegal, yet may have joined either willingly or not. Alternatively, such a vision could be a symbol of your worries about being late in successfully finishing a certain project, duty or task, for example, a specific job with a strict deadline, preparing for an important exam or even just arriving at your office on time.

If you find yourself dreaming about chasing a monkey, this may be symbolizing someone in your life or within your social circle who is manipulative and has ill thoughts towards you. They may be wanting to destroy your public image and reputation so be wary of whom you interact with or devote your time to for the time being.

Seeing sharks chasing or attacking you is a warning that you will experience inescapable troubles and other negative occurrences that will lead to bouts of frustration and low sense of self-worth.

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