fawn Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about fawn explained:

May suggest something new or young which needs to be nurtured.

A dream in which you cross paths with a deer fawn could be foretelling new acquaintances in the upcoming future regardless of whether you have seen the animal in your vision at a zoo, in the heart of a forest or otherwise. It is likely that these new people in your life would eventually become your close friends and loyal companions whom you would always be able to rely and depend on, should the need arise. Alternatively, if you happen to be a young person, know that a similar vision could be foretelling the start of a pure and committed relationship in the upcoming future. As a rule, this potential alliance is interpreted as rather platonic than passionate and romantic, but it is impossible to predict its subsequent development in the future.

If you happen to see a wolf and a fawn together it can be a troubling sign of you performing some sinful actions or getting yourself into very dangerous and precarious situations.

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