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To dream about life explained:

May suggest a period of growth or activity.

May symbolize your own mineral, plant, and animal energy.

A dream with a life jacket suggests that you are looking for emotional support.

Dreaming of yourself engaging in a conversation with your son, regardless of any details of this encounter, could be a reflection of your inner desire to change something in your relationship with him. For example, you could be wanting to connect with your son more often, switch the virtual chats for frequent real-life gatherings or even change altogether the style and tone of the interactions between the two of you. This interpretation is especially precise if your relationship has been going through a difficult period lately. Alternatively, such a vision could be foretelling that in the upcoming future you would hear some sort of unexpected news about your son, which could be either good or bad.

Specifically seeing or interacting with your brother from wake life in a dream may portend receiving some information or correspondence. This could be anything from an invitation or friendly greeting from across the room to a formal visitation from distant relatives or an official letter from a government office. The outcomes of this vision depend both on aspects present in reality and other symbols perceived in the vision.

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  2. An angel giving life - In the dream world death often symbolizes a new beginning. The notion that you were given life by an angel could signify that there would be certain instances or events in your life which could change... Learn More!
  3. Mother as she is in real life - Dreaming about seeing your mother looking just the same way as in real life reflects that you are in complete control of your household matters as well as with regards to the relationship between you ... Learn More!
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  5. A school bursting with life - A dream in which you see yourself in a school which is a hub of activity as well as one which is full of students who are lively, dynamic and energetic can be considered a good sign. It signifies that... Learn More!
  6. Baptism into a new life with Jesus - To dream that you are participating in a christening rite or that you yourself are being baptized into a new life with Jesus is a reminder that the time is at hand for you to suffer the effects or con... Learn More!
  7. Bringing dead fish back to life - Seeing dead fish floating on the surface of water portends extreme disappointments, inability to handle issues in your life or being upset about not being able to control the situation you are in. As ... Learn More!
  8. Wolves devouring real-life enemies - This dream depicting wolves attacking and killing people you know in wake life, particularly those who have hurt and disappointed you, is a negative sign often thought to be the manifestation of your ... Learn More!
  9. Deceased wife coming back to life - This dream is a powerful portent, this vivid vision of your deceased wife in the dream could point to the possibility that the choices you have been making so far are questionable at best. Certain dec... Learn More!
  10. Your first teacher from real life - Dreaming about your very first teacher from your real life, such as having a conversation or a re-enactment of memories from your time shared with this teacher, could mean that you are contemplating p... Learn More!


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