obese Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about obese explained:

Dreaming of being obese, if you are not obese, indicates worry or fear of gaining weight. You are lacking self control and indulging often. On the other hand, if you are actually obese in your waking life, the dream is depicting your situation and inability to become healthy. Are you happy with your image or are you only fooling yourself? Do what you need to do to build up your self esteem and create a healthy approach to life mentally and physically.

May suggest feeling concerned about self-image.

The fat person in your dream symbolizes a rich person or a powerful individual. Being beaten by this person suggests repression or hopelessness. Your family may undergo trials and tribulations wherein you could be overcome by a sense of being powerless. The person of power could also be an institution and trying to deal with this organization or agency may sometimes seem futile. When faced with challenges, you have the option of succumbing to the powers that be or to fight back to defend your rights as a human being.


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