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To dream about picking explained:

May represent choices and decisions to make.

Depending on the context, this dream could have several meanings. If you envisioned yourself picking peppers growing on a plant, it means that you are currently preoccupied with saving money and being budget-minded. You could be trying to save every penny to make your household more money-efficient. If you dreamed about picking peppers from a store shelf or at the market, it could predict having to deal with people who would make you feel irritated, uncomfortable or tired, these could be some unexpected guests or salespeople showing up at your door uninvited or when you least expect it to happen.

The strange landscape in your dream, with the house surrounded by trees, may be a representation of your aspirations. The lush environment alludes to success and prosperity well within your grasp. Picking fruits from a tree generally means you would soon reap the fruits of your hard work. Through your focus and determination, you could get promoted at work or close a very important deal. Whatever the case, this blessing would entail monetary incentive or increased profits. Specifically, the naseberry symbolizes a strong and productive partnership. With the support and collaboration of the right groups of individuals, you would be able to implement your vision with great success.

Dreaming about observing yourself picking chunks or nuggets of gold often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, it is possible that you could soon experience losses or be the victim of deceitful and ill-intended behavior. These actions would be performed by those who currently surround you.

Dreaming about gold scattered on the floor around you has negative connotations. It could mean that someone may be trying to cause problems for you, which could actually result in you suffering great misfortune. Such an event could actually put your happiness and peace of mind into jeopardy. The right thing would be to beware of all individuals who could potentially create trouble for you. Perhaps you are lured to follow certain things which in actuality are harmful to you, but are polished like gold, only to entice you. Make sure you remain vigilant and be prepared.

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