shapes Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about shapes explained:

May symbolize something of geometric proportions.

Dreaming about stars as geometric shapes or patterns could have different cultural connotations depending on your background or origin. Specifically, a four-point star is often attributed to Japanese culture, while a five-point star is associated with the Soviet Union. A six-point star points to Judaism beliefs and traditions, while a seven-point star alludes to American or native American symbolisms. Egyptian and Middle Eastern interpretations can be gleaned from a eight-point star in dreams and Chinese connotations are often drawn from a star surrounded by other stars as depicted in the Chinese flag. Similarly, a star acccompanied by a crescent moon is associated with Islamic beliefs. Finally, a star with spirals and vignettes is often attributed to emerging religions as well as cultic rituals.

Dreaming about a moon that is neither full nor new suggests that your prayers are about to be answered. Whatever you have been wishing and hoping for is likely to be decided in your favor, giving you much relief and happiness. The shapes you saw in this dream can indicate one of two things. On one hand, they could represent how important this was for your basic wants and needs. However, it may also indicate that, now that one want has been satisfied, another may take its place.

Symbolically, seeing the moon transforming from full to crescent is not a very positive sign to see in a dream. The crescent moon portends alienation, separation or having to say goodbye. In the light of coming across this imagery in your dream, you could be sensing upcoming separation from your pet, either because of losing him temporarily, or due to some more serious circumstances or causes.


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