Dream Meaning Of Bridge Collapsing

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Dream Meaning Of Bridge Collapsing (What Does It Mean To See A Bridge Collapsing In A Dream)

When you see a bridge of wood or concrete crumble, the dream means that you are worried about your future. Spiritually, seeing a bridge collapsing in a dream indicates an influence or challenge coming your way. Seeing the bridge partly collapsing in this dream may mean you will have to take extra caution in making decisions in the coming days as it is very possible that you may be making a bad decision.

Dreams in which you are crossing a collapsing bridge, or about to do so when it begins collapsing, usually indicate that you are going to let a great opportunity of your life slip through your fingers. If you are crossing the bridge in a dream, this may indicate that you are going to handle whatever difficulties life throws your way. If you dream about crossing a bridge, it may mean that you are at a major crossroads in your life, or you are about to make a very hard decision that will define the rest of your life.

If you have a dream where you are building a bridge, that is a sign that many difficulties are ahead. If you saw yourself walking beneath the bridge in the dream, it means you are unable to deal with problems that you are facing in real life. If you have had a dream where you see that you are standing completely still on a bridge, that could mean you have a problem and cannot think of any way of solving it.

Dreaming about a crumbling bridge indicates that at the moment, you are going through dangerous but important changes in your life. To dream of a destroyed bridge is a sign that you are likely going through a period of big changes in your life. A dream of a destroyed bridge can symbolise your depression and anxiety in real life. Dreaming about the bridge collapsing, and later falling, means that you are going to experience lifes misfortunes.

If in your dreams, you skillfully overcame the bridge, everything will go right, in your real life, into a hole. You need to figure out why the bridge fell, and consider what you can do to prevent this from re-emerging in your wakeful life.

A collapsed bridge represents the possibility of something working out for you, but you are for whatever reason getting lazy and wanting to forget. Dreaming of collapsing bridges obviously represents the chances and opportunities you are having collapsing before you. Collapsing bridges represent your chances for success collapsing before your eyes. The disintegrating bridge represents the possibilities crumbling before you.

While you are looking at a bridge in a dream, but do not walk across, it represents your problems increasing each day, as you cannot come up with solutions, nor are you taking initiative to turn things around. If you dreamed Wednesday through Thursday in which you crossed the bridge carefully, it means you are going to be doing some hard, responsible work in the near future. If you dreamed about crossing a bridge, this likely means you will have to make an important decision during the coming time. If you dreamed about jumping over the bridge, you have plans for the future, but are afraid of putting them into action.

The dream may represent some events soon to be played out. If you voluntarily jump over the bridge in the dream, then that means that this is the kind of feelings you are having which are going to prevent you from accomplishing the goals that you set in your life. If the bridge is older, nearly crumbling, maybe this type of dream represents that soon your relationship with this person will be over. If in the dream, you saw somebody standing across from you, then this type of dream might symbolize the ending of your relationship with that person. If the bridge looked as though the bridge would fall down, this means the relationship could be ending very soon.

A bridge collapsing could be an alarming dream, and according to older dream books, means someone whom you trust is using your friendship to gain something. Visions of the bridge collapsing under you while you are trying to walk across is extremely sinister, it usually foretells someone who has trusted you in the past is about to enter your life again, intent on taking advantage of you now. If, in a dream, you are standing on a bridge watching the water flowing underneath you, you may be ready to leave the past behind -- as suggested by the water beneath the bridge -- because you are at a pivotal moment in your life (the bridge is symbolic of transformation).

Generally, a bridge that is under water suggests the transition you are going through in your life is going to be an emotional one. Generally, if a bridge is immersed in water, or is stretched across water, it indicates that the transition or next trip you will take will be emotional. If the bridge submerged in water is built above bodies of water, such as rivers, canyons, and canals, and your focus during your dream is caught in the water beneath, it is a sign that you should be paying attention to your emotional state.

If the waters beneath the bridge are muddy, then this type of dream may indicate ill fortune and bad luck, and failure in projects that you are presently undertaking. To dream of a swinging wooden bridge being of an odd colour (red, orange, blue, pink, or black) may signify you are going to face personal obstacles. It is also possible to dream of a stone bridge, a ice bridge, or perhaps of a bridge swaying beneath your feet. In the dream, standing beneath the bridge arches indicates you are letting life go by.

If the young woman in the dream has to ride or walk across a bridge that is suddenly beginning to collapse, she is going to have to deal with a con in real life, either from her relatives or a loved one.

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