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What Does It Mean To Dream About Petting A Cat (Petting Cat Dream Menaing And Interpretation)

Cats are a common animal you might dream of; we are going to cover many of the symbolism and dream interpretations that occur when encountering cats in dreams. As symbols of independence, femininity, and insight, the cat in a dream may hold a lot of significance for the way that you see yourself internally. Symbolically, cats in dreams can stand for positive as well as negative meanings.

The dream symbols carry varying significance depending upon if you are a cat lover or not. Basically, dreaming of cats may mean different things to different people, and if you are a cat person, it may affect the meaning of your cat nightmare.

A dream of a black cat represents that your subconscious is warning you something scary might happen soon. Seeing a dream of lots of cats surrounding you is a sign that unfaithful people and fake friends are around. If you are having dreams of unknown cats showing up in your home, this means that you are experiencing feelings of loneliness, avoidance, which you wish to fill.

Dreaming about a fuzzy cat shows you are looking for a more comfortable life. The dream represents you being in a miserable place in your life; if the cat is underwater, drowning, and gasping for breath, then that means you are truly, truly miserable. When in a dream, you see two or more cats fighting, it means there is an unpleasant environment all around you, that you are not enjoying at all, but that it is going to be hard to get out of.

To dream of killing cats means you are going to come across a thief, and that you are going to defeat him or her. In dreams, if you see you cannot find your pet cat, that means somebody is trying to rob your mind of its powers.

Dreaming about a violent cat can indicate that there is someone untrustworthy or unfaithful in your life. If the cat appearing in your dreams is gray, then we may be taking away a message that treason is coming, and that it will come from someone within your immediate circle, one of your loved ones. Dreams featuring a white cat are interpreted to mean that there is someone near and dear to you who is hurting you, or is not being totally honest. Dreaming of talking with a cat suggests you would attempt to help a person in need of your help, but the other person would stall you through gossiping or their/her attitudes.

To dream with cats fighting dogs In a dream, a female figure from your life might disapprove of your friends or your social circles. If the cats that you are seeing in the dream are angry, they are probably representing female figures in your life. Whether or not you own cats as pets, there are times they can appear in your dreams, loaded with a symbolism that you are not always able to recognize. Depending on your beliefs, any number of religious, mythological, or folkloric explanations for the cat symbolism may explain why a cat appears in one of your dreams, and what that appearance may mean to you.

A black cat is a bad-luck symbol in many cultures, and while that is untrue, the animals color is a message that many of us have inscribed into our subconscious. Dreaming of a black cat is considered to be a good luck symbol in many cultures. Sometimes, black cats can also represent a bad sign; such as a real-life foe that can hurt you in the near future and create stress.

Seeing a black cat in your dreams represents a very strong and powerful enemy entering your life, who would make you feel very uncertain of yourself, and lead you to encounter a lot of comparisons. Seeing your hand caressing and comforting the cat in your dreams indicates that you are likely to be receiving some troubling news in the near future. To dream of the cat biting your arm indicates competitors, enemies, or even friends are going to harm you. For instance, dreaming of cats attacking your legs and knocking you down can indicate something or someone female is making you off-balance in your life.

If the cats are clawing at you in your dreams, this could mean you are really feeling scared of, or afraid of, your own feminine qualities in some way. To hear a cat screaming in a dream means someone in the wakeful life said something hurtful in the heat of the moment. When you dream about colored cats, it means you are afraid some of your secrets are going to come out, whether on a personal level or in work.

This interpretation of a dream generally means that fortune is on your side, and you will get benefits at both the personal and the work level, provided that the cats seem happy and healthy when they are playing with you. When you dream about lots of cats playing around with good spirits, this means you are successful because of your devotion and your willpower to make things happen. In Japan, cats are considered to be luck animals (Maneki-Neko) -- so dreams of cats will most often be interpreted in a positive way. Although cats are involved with the fun type of animals, are domesticated, and may be used as pets, not all dreams related to cats are a good sign.

In some Arab countries, the cat is considered a caretaker for a pregnant woman, so dreaming about the cat coming home can indicate pregnancy, while if a pregnant woman dreams of the cat, it may be a warning of complications. The meanings of a dream about a cat generally represent female desires, independence, creativity, and power. The dream meanings of these are based on the way in which the storyline develops, the cats appearance (small, small, big, black, coloured...), and the way you relate to a pussycat.

Dreams about the cat and the dog together means your friends will keep you safe from ill-wishers machinations. To dream that the cat is urinating means you will be communicating unexpectedly with an unpleasant individual, will form a partnership with this individual, and that this partnership will bring you significant problems

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