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Evangelist Joshua Dream About Pregnancy (Dream Meaning Of Pregnancy Accoding To Evangelist Joshua(

Now, let us look at what a pregnancy dream can mean, a dream which may hold many different implications, yet is far less self-evident than people think. If you are currently pregnant, a dream about pregnancy could, in a way, foreshadow positive significance. As a married woman, dreaming of pregnancy may indicate you are expecting a child, or good things are trying to take root in your house, it is faith in action.

Dreaming about trying to become pregnant may be representative of your wish or wish that things are developing in your life. To dream about getting pregnant with twins can represent feelings of developing in your life which would cause conflicts.

If you are in fact pregnant in real life, dreaming about being pregnant might represent a greater level of worry or anxiety over issues related to the pregnancy. Often times, when you are not pregnant, you only dream about having a pregnancy as the wife, which can reflect your anxieties and fears.

Pregnancy dreams point out something which makes married women happy, however, if these dreams make you feel bad, the enemy is trying to prevent your married bliss. Pregnancy dreams may also represent illness, an unplanned pregnancy, spiritual attacks against your marriage. The dream just revealed the Devil is attacking your pregnancy sources.

God, in my dreams, pregnancy was protected from the activities of the men who have the devils eyes, in Christs name. God, through Your Authority, all evils which are destined to come upon the pregnancy either in my dreams or real life are now foreseen through the power in blood, in the name of Jesus. Heavenly Father, I thank You for this gift You have given to the world through me, I am grateful for Your goodness in your life, Let Your name be magnified, in the name of Jesus.

God, I am going to confront any force that has promised to create fear into my heart all the time, by giving me bad dreams of this pregnancy, and I am going to smash such forces, in the name of Christ. God, I pray for my own spiritual power, I pray that Your strength, O Lord, will overcome any struggle that might come my way through dreams about this pregnancy, in the name of Jesus. God, put the sign of touch NOT on the pregnancy in my dreams, so no evil will come close to it and harm it, in the name of Christ.

Pray about what you think this dream and these babies might mean, and act on it if you sense that the Lord is leading you. Baby dreams can mean many things, so pay attention to what the Lord is trying to tell you.

I know a lot of baby dreams often mean God is showing me something coming, or something happening now. Dreams about going into labour sometimes mean something good, or an appearance of something bad, such as the fact that you are very much expecting a fruit from your uterus, or baby, and therefore imply the Lord is working on your child for you. As you can see, in most cases, these dreams are of a positive nature, but they may also at times refer to something negative. If this happens to or is dreamed about, that means that God is going to use your enemies for your good, in some form.

This kind of dream may warn to pray protection for what is new in your life. Seeing blindness in the dream is a bad Omen, it means that the opponent has shown you something to come, or has come, you might not be seeing the end of life, or the best things that people used to see, right after waking use the Psalms 11, 12, 13 over the water seven times over seven days, and take the last bath with seven days of fasting. When you get bad dreams in the night while pregnant, be sure to pray immediately to reverse the effects of this dream, anoint yourself and your belly like the bondage to a newly born baby, the devil will feel shamed.

Now, the difficult part is to discern whether a baby dream is a dream of the Lord, and the Lord has given you the confidence and hope to have a child. If you are dreaming of having a healthy baby, it may even be telling us about good things to come in your life.

If you are male, and you dream of giving birth to a boy, this means the dreamer will be blessed with happiness and prosperity, following a lot of hard work. To dream that your wife gives birth to a baby boy means there will be more stability, prosperity, and happiness at home. The good news is, the Lord is using the pregnant goat to show you that you are going to be pregnant soon.

If in your dreams, you see the Chief Justice helping you defend yourself against your accuser and offender, it means that you need to fully surrender everything to God, and that God will either go to war on behalf of you, or surrender your life to Jesus in full surrender. If you saw choirs singing gloriously in your dreams, it means God wants you to draw nearer to him and to use the praise for winning against your enemies. If you see yourself in the classroom, some elders earnestly ready, and a teacher he or she is at the front of your face, teaching you all, means that you are going to be adding to your experience and your works, and if you are a Godly minister, seeing that dream means that God is teaching you yet another lesson about ministry, and not being afraid is a good dream too.

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