Do Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Mean Money?

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Do Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Mean Money? ( Teeth Falling In A Dream Is Money?)

Interesting Facts In a study, 39% of people reported having dreamed of teeth falling out at some point in their lives, 16.2% said it was a recurring dream, and 8.2% reported having the dream on a regular basis. In fact, women just going through menopause are frequently reported having dreams in which teeth are lost.

Research exploring the themes behind dreams shows us that 39% of the population has experienced dreams where teeth fell out, decayed, or broke, at least once in their lives. According to a recent analysis of most Google dreams around the world, Americans are most likely to Google what is behind the falling of their teeth (about 81,000 times per month, in fact).

In this post, we are going to try to explain different teeth meanings in dreams, as well as how you can use these dream interpretations to help you discover your dreams significance. Thinking through context, and pairing teeth symbols with other dream symbols, can help you to understand a dreams meaning better.

If you can recall the number of teeth that you saw falling in the dream, this number can communicate for you a further level of the dream significance. Seeing teeth fall out in dreams represents major loss or the fear of losing something, whether it is a loved one, job, or relationship.

If you are negative, even downcast, over losing teeth in a dream, this could indicate feelings of losing your personal power and rage in your wake life. That is why Gilling says having a tooth-dropping dream might point to feelings that you are losing control of your life in waking life. Having teeth fall out in dreams may also indicate that your confidence about how you look is going downhill, particularly if you are dreaming about growing out crooked teeth or losing all of your teeth, and feel unloved and low-key in your dreams.

Self-image According to psychologist Nerida Gonzalez-Berrios, teeth falling out dreams may also reflect a negative self-image, and can indicate an exhaustion of energy and diminished wellbeing. Gonzalez-Berrios believes that significant life changes or personal and professional challenges, which result in feelings of failure, dissatisfaction, anxiety, or uncertainty, can be expressed in teeth falling out dreams. Poor Oral Health Psychiatrist Nerida Gonzalez-Berrios suggests that poor oral health and dental irritation combined with unconscious fears related to ones life as it is experienced during wakefulness may also manifest into dreams about teeth falling out.

Preliminary data suggests that teeth dreams might relate to dental irritation in the dream, and might be more prevalent among those suffering from depression or anxiety. In fact, traumatic situations and anxiety can also cause teeth to grind in the sleep, so teeth-related dreams occur. Death Meghan Harrison, a marriage family therapist who is licensed in Tampa, Fla., says that dreams about teeth falling off may serve as a health alert for loved ones.

Loss of Control Megan Harrison says dreams of teeth falling out can also be signs that you are losing control of something you are trying to hold on to. If you are jealous of someone because they have something you want, or are just trying to take what is yours, you are probably going to dream of losing teeth. If the person in your tooth-losing dream is not you, your subconscious is alerting you to the fact that the person is one to whom you should not be attracted.

A dream with dentures or false teeth may be indicative of feelings of powerlessness, of a general impression of being fake, or of lying or saying something that is untrue. If you are trying to hold the teeth, and the thought process in the dream is something like, Maybe if I push my tongue against the teeth just a little bit harder, it would slide back inside and stay, then this dream could be an indication that you are feeling like the problem at hand is going to disappear if you just hold your mouth closed for just long enough, says Lauri Loewenberg.

Just as having teeth falling out can signal you do not like how you look outside, it could signal that you do not like who you are inside, says certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg.

If youave been having dreams about decaying teeth about to fall out, that means that you should take some time to take stock of yourself, and acknowledge where there are gaps in your personal and professional lives, and work to improve those. Moving beyond any physical causes that may be prompting the almost nightmare-like visions of bad dental health, you can interpret dreams about teeth falling out by viewing the image through a variety of lenses, each adding a different color of meaning.

Teeth represent personal power, so if you are dreaming of teeth being knocked out, it seems like a threat to your strength. While dreams of teeth falling off may indicate you have said too much, sometimes it is also just the opposite, says Annete Goggio, MPH, EEMCP, a specialist in energy medicine. Anxiety or Stress Although dream experts focus on how a dreamer says he feels, Geoffrey Bennett explains that teeth-falling dreams are often - but not always - anxious dreams.

To date, there is no evidence supporting the notion that teeth dreams stem from a subconscious issue or are predictive of negative life events. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both believed dreams were symbols with profound psychological meaning, and their influence has shaped many ideas about teeth dreams.

In Chapter 6E of The Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud discusses the significance of loose or missing teeth, and equates this image to sexual suppression; he supports this idea by pointing out the masturbation customs of Austria, in which men referred to the acts of pulling one out or pulling out one, and thus associates the tooth dream image to the male genitalia. Freud believed losing teeth represented suppressed sexual tension, predominantly emasculation, or a fear about male genitalia. Cut to your dreams of wiggling, loose teeth, or awakening from nightmares in which wiggling teeth have fallen out.

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