Spiritual Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

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Spiritual Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams (What Does It Mean To Dream Of Snakes?)

In this article, I am going to explain the most common dream significances for a serpent, then offer a few other ideas, all of which are based on a particular snake species and color. Many good articles were written on snakes in the Bible, and a lot of meanings were suggested in dreamdictionaries, depending on what was found. The meanings and interpretations of dreams associated with snakes has been extensively studied, and their definitions differ when moving between different cultures, but a sinister association has been found in nearly all cultures. After exploring the meanings of snakes and their manifestations in the dream world, we can conclude that they are rich symbols that hold profound significance, and therefore, their interpretation must be done with care.

Just like snake species, the amount of snakes appearing in your dreams may have a meaning. According to Loewenberg, nothing in the dream is ever a coincidence, which means the species of snakes that show up in your dreams are meaningful. Regardless of what you think a snake may stand for, however, if a snake appears in your dream, Loewenberg says that you should not dismiss it. When a snake does something in your dream, you will understand the meaning.

If you dreamed that the serpent talked to you in the dream, that means that a person near to you is potentially threatening. The Biblical significance of this dream suggests that if you are attacked by a snake in a dream, there may be serious medical problems for you or for the people closest to you. If a snake attacks a loved one in a dream, then this person may be one who is dealing with health or emotional issues.

It is the meaning behind the snake that differs from dream to dream, and from person to person. Once you have an idea of what your feelings are around the serpent, you can combine this with common snake archetypes to find out what this dream means for you. Once you have identified what your feelings are about the dream, think of different meanings applied to snakes, and you should hopefully get a eureka moment that brings clarity. Ultimately, in order to interpret what dreams of snakes mean for you, it is critical that you first determine what your feelings are toward a snake--both in reality and the dream--and then consider that through the lens of a story.

Dreams about a snake may be alarming, just in case they are meant to signify something negative, but they are usually actually offering us helpful insights. Snakes are scary creatures, so it is not surprising they can be scary in dreams; and, not surprisingly, people wonder what they mean when they pop up in dreams. Snakes in dreams are bearers of bad news, but also they show up as warning signs for you to avoid problems in your life by taking preventative measures beforehand.

Snakes that appear in dreams can represent fears about ones dark side, sexuality, spiritual transformation, spiritual energies, moving a dreamer from one level of awareness to another. If a person afraid of snakes has this dream, it could indicate that he/she is afraid of change or transformation. Seeing a serpent often in your dreams means that your fate does not hold any good news for you.

A green snake in your dream might mean wonderful things are coming, but could also indicate feelings of envy or doubt about yourself, which would keep you from living life to its fullest. A down-ward-snake dream is symbolic of the underworld, and that you may need to travel into your darker side in order to heal and turn old issues into strengths. There is a strong possibility that the serpents appear in your dreams as a sign that you are on a path to healing, recovery, and personal transformation. If you are finding sexual interest with a male, it is possible for serpents to start appearing in your dreams non-threateningly.

Seeing a snake in your bed suggests you are feeling outmatched and sexually threatened. This may indicate that you did something wrong, and that you are being punished with the snake biting you in the dream. If the head of the snake seems large, or stands out as cobra-like, or is especially present in your dream, this is confirmation that your thoughts are wrong. Seeing the viper while you are dreaming about snakes may be a sign that you are afraid you will get bitten by toxic people in waking life, or by things in your life that cause you to think about metaphorical snake bites.

This is not to say that dreams of snakes are always going to be bad -- there are exceptions where having a serpent in a dream symbolizes something positive; anything from rebirth, strength, or courage. In fact, dreams of serpents may symbolise many benign, even downright positive events in your life, such as transformation, creation, and fertility. Seeing serpents repeatedly in dreams can have various symbolic meanings. Dreams about snakes may reflect problems or difficulties that the individual is facing, either within his/her relationships or his/her own relationship to God himself/herself.

According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, professional dream analyst and writer, serpents--a common dream archetype--typically represent the people in a dreamers life that display substandard, filthy, toxic, or toxic behaviors. Much like the Rorschach blot, the snake may represent life in all of its best and worst aspects, and having a snake in your dreams may indicate your brain is simply trying to make sense of things while processing memories from your day. The spirit animal snake is a great symbol for representing a part of your life you wish you could understand more deeply and at a subliminal level, and for you to renew.

Before attributing meanings to dreams, however, astrologers and dream interpreters recommend dreamers to take some time to think about how not only do they feel about snakes in real life, but also about how they made you feel in your dreams. Some of the more common snake dreams astrologers and dream interpreters hear may hold multiple meanings - depending on the individual, of course.

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