A blue bird Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A blue bird explained:

May symbolize the feminine receptive side.

To dream that you look up to see bright, blue skies symbolizes kindness and sincerity bestowed upon you. Should you be needing any help or assistance, you are certain to find generous helping hands ready to support you with whatever you need. Alternatively, this could also be an indication that you may soon be acquainted with fascinating and extraordinary individuals, possibly during one of your travels.

Envisioning blue eyes in a dream predicts having bad luck or meeting with many roadblocks when trying to finish some project or task that is important to you. Blue eyes further suggest that the source of your troubles has its origin in your own low self-esteem. This prevents you from giving your full effort to something important because you are afraid of the results if you were truly to give it your all. Additionally, blue eyes that are deep and dark, like the color of the ocean during a storm, could portend falling in love some time in the near future.

Blue rays, like emissions of light or blue-colored glimmers and radiation emanating from stained glass or reflective surfaces, is a harbinger of lurking danger and threats. There is a possibility that you could walk into a dangerous incident or predicament due to your trusting nature. Maybe you just choose to see the good in people and would completely ignore the warning signs. As such, this is your subconscious trying to strengthen your perceptions and keen intuition so you would avoid those sticky situations.

dreaming of navy blue denotes an absence of originality and imagination.

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A blue bird

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