A hole in the ground

A hole in the ground Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a hole in the ground indicated things you have done that have gone unnoticed. Alternatively, you might be feeling as though something is missing in your life. Are you feeling incomplete? If you fall into a whole it implies that you are have taken a fall and feel trapped. Have you tried to reach someone but dug a hole too deep for you to get out? If there is a hole in your garments it symbolizes your imperfection and errors in your beliefs. On the other hand, you may need a new wardrobe and your unconscious is telling you, go out and treat yourself!

A ground is like a barrier or wall between your subconscious and your waking life. It is what separates your two states of mind. A ground is what allows you to have a base. Therefore when you dream of it then it means you have a strong foundation and you are well-grounded. It could also mean that you have an open mind and understanding of your unconscious.

The image of a hole in a wall, whether you notice it in passing or take the time to peer through it, suggests you would soon come into some useful or interesting information. Upon hearing this news or seeing something in print, you would be able to fulfill a desire or acquire something you have always wanted. For example, you may see an advertisement for a particular item you have had your eyes on or learn your enemy's greatest weakness.

Dreaming of cracked earth and sinking ground, such as the devastation caused by an earthquake, alludes to threats lurking in the real world. News of problems and calamities from far-flung places may affect your existence in negative ways. Perhaps your community or social circle is on edge due to bad news from around the world and they are acting defensive and overly sensitive. Rescuing the dog and the baby from danger means that your loved ones may lean on you during this period of uncertainty and upheaval. Your yearning for stability and level-headed nature could save them not only from external harm, but also from their personal demons.

Dreaming about seeing or handling a bag with a hole in it is symbolic of situations when you could become a hapless victim of theft, robbery, burglary, scams, schemes, or anything that has to do with you being ripped off. Conversely, it could be you engaging in shady deals and fraudulent activities. On yet another note, dreaming about placing an item in a torn bag and trying to carry it could symbolize your dishonesty and lack of integrity when dealing with your competitors. In your effort to gain unfair advantage over your rivals, the tables could be turned against you and your shrewdness could be your own undoing.

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