A silver ring

A silver ring Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Rings in dreams may symbolize completeness, continuity, unity and infinity may represent the commitments and promises you have made to someone may symbolize your commitment to a relationship or to a new endeavor.

A dream of a ring represents infinity and commitment. If you were wearing the ring on your ring finger it means you are ready for commitment. If the ring was broken it signifies division and unfaithfulness.

Since silver is shiny and reflective it may represent anything that reflects light such as the moon or a mirror. When we think about memories, we are reflecting and so silver may symbolize memories.

Dreaming about silver coins in particular, whether you are holding them or just see them on some surface, is often interpreted as a negative sign pointing toward disagreement and conflict within your closest relationships, specifically family. This sign, when seen in a vision, means you are about to experience a string of unpleasant encounters with one or more family members, the result being a wedge or period of estrangement from that part of the family.

Dreaming about handling or wearing a small ring can be regarded as a symbol of affection which you will feel towards a recent acquaintance. This person will win your heart in a relatively short period of time.

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