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To dream about Hunting explained:

Dreaming of hunting represents precisely this. You are searching for certain things in your life which could be sensual or a solution to a problem. Pay attention to what you are hunting for in the dream and relate it to your life. Are you ashamed of some characteristic? If you are hunting and kill an animal indicates parts of yourself that you think you need to get rid of. If you are being hunted then you feel attacked by someone or some situation that you seemed caught in and it is troubling you. Seeing some else hunting in your dream represents your need for advice and help to solve something that is hindering you from progressing. If the person kills an animal then they will help you find a solution but you must take advice from those offering you help.

Seeing yourself buying, handling or using a hunting gun means that you will have genuine interest in pursuing something that you like to do or are fond of.

Envisioning yourself in the process of hunting a particular fox or a pack of foxes could be interpreted as a sign of upcoming engagement in morally dubious behavior. In many cases, this symbol is associated with activities related to fraud or two-faced behavior. In the first sense, this refers to money related issues where you could lose wealth due to a poor investment or identity theft. The second is more commonly connected to becoming part of an extramarital affair or being seduced for the other person's gain. In either case, you are likely to feel a loss of self-esteem, causing you both physical and mental pain for many years to come.

Hunting bears, using stealth equipment and high-powered weapons like a rifle, reveals your fervent desire to catch the attention and interest of a romantic prospect or a well-connected individual. This means that you are probably persistent and driven in all aspects of your life, so when someone treats you with indifference, you usually feel challenged to make them warm up to you. However, this aggressive tactic could very well backfire as this individual would likely find you too forthcoming and forceful.

Hunting for a whale in a dream vision could reveal your overly ambitious nature. Since you are looking to catch a majestic creature, it means you may be reaching for something well beyond your capabilities. Perhaps you think too highly about yourself, hence you often grab chances to pursue certain goals and opportunities without proper preparation and training. This lack of due diligence and not putting in enough hard work to successfully achieve what you want would likely end up exhausting you and making you bitter in the long run. This kind of attitude would not bring you the success and fame you want for yourself.

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